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Drama Club/Thespians
Instructor: Ms. Caretti   
Group Announcements
Updated Set build - paint schedule
Thank you for helping make this set look amazing... we have changed some of the dates and times... if you ever have any questions please email me. Terri

Oct. 18th - 9:00 - 6 I will need some strong bodies near the end of the day to help move the set off stage.

Oct. 19th - No Build

Oct. 22nd - 6-10

Oct. 24th 6-10

Oct. 25th 9-6

Oct. 26th 1:30 - 10:00 (If needed)

Tech week Oct. 27th - 30th
Rehearsal Schedule Wonderful Life updated 10-16
Oct. 13th 2;30 - 6 Act I
Oct. 14th 2:30 - 6 Act II
Oct. 15th 2:30 - 6 Act I
Oct. 16th 2:30 - 6 Act II Costume Parade.. Block scenes with children.
Oct. 17th No Rehearsal.. just come to the parade and bring candy.

Oct. 20th 2:30 - 6 Studio Theatre Scene Work TBD
Oct. 21st 2:30 - 6 Studio Theatre Scene Work TBD
Oct. 22nd 2:30 - 6 Act II
Oct. 23rd 2:30 - 6 Act I
Oct. 24th 2:30 - 6 Run thru

Children's Rehearsal Schedule
Oct. 14 4-5:30- sorry Canceled... see you Thurs.
Oct. 16 4- 5:30
Oct. 22 4-5:30
Oct 23 4-5:30
Oct. 27 TBD
Oct. 29 TBD
Oct 30 TBD

Tech Week Oct. 27th through Oct. 30th - 2:30 - 8:30
*Remember all dates and times are subject to change.
Please to make as many of these as possible.
Rehearsal Schedule It's a Wonderful Life wk. of 10-6
Mon. - Charelston Dance Number
Tues. - Full Cast Run show from beginning.
Wed. - Full Cast Scene Work.
Thurs. - Scene work (TBA)

Friday - No Rehearsal - Set Build

***** Please let your parents know I would like to have a parent meeting this Wed. at 7:30. It will either be in the auditorium or Studio Theatre depending on space. Please make sure at least one member of your family attends.

Mrs. C
Drama Club
Our next meeting is Tues. Oct. 7th in the Studio Theatre from 2:30 - 3:30. Everyone is welcome see you there!
Drama Club
Yes, it's time to start acting again. Our first drama club meeting of the year is Sept. 23 after school in the auditorium. Come and see what all the excitement is about. Everyone is welcome.

Mrs. C
Revised Rehearsal Schedule It's a Wonderful Life
Rehearsal Schedule – It’s a Wonderful Life *** Remember all scene work is subject to change.
Sept. 22 Rehearsal canceled due to illness. Scene work moved to Friday.
Sept. 23 Scenes 17, 19, 20, 23, 25
Sept. 24 Crowd Scenes – Full Cast (Including Prologue, 4, 5, 10, 12, 14, 15, 21)
Sept. 25 Scenes – Finish any scenes from Wed. and 24, 26, 27, 28
Sept. 26 Scenes 6, 7, 9, 11, 13, 16, 18
Sept. 29 Charleston Dance Scene 8 blocking
Sept. 30 Full Cast Scenes 29, 30, 31
Oct. 1 Scenes 2, 3, 22
Oct. 2 Scene Work – Director’s Choice
Oct. 3 – No Rehearsal Learn Lines

I know this is an ambitious schedule. I hope to have finished the rough blocking for most of the show by the end of week 2. Please try to make every rehearsal you can.
It' still a Wonderful Life
What great rehearsals we have had the last two days. I think we finally have all the parts cast.
Some paper work that needs turned in.... your contracts

Remember there is a small fee for the show, and if you want you can order a show shirt and pin from the show.
Please try to get your conflicts to me asap.

I will be posting a rehearsal calendar on Sun. I will try to make sure all students know the schedule two weeks in advance, but remember all this is subject to change.

Rehearsal for Friday - 2:30 - 5:30 I am ending a half hour early.
Harry Bailey
Pop Bailey
Mrs. Hatch
Marty Hatch
Mr. Potter
Cousin Tilly
Cousin Eustice
Uncle Billy

Everyone else please look over your lines and don't forget to let me know the scenes you are in so I can plan the rest of the rehearsal schedule.
If you have any questions see me asap. Mrs. C

Parts still needing to be cast for It's a Wonderful Life
Parts that still need cast -
Rent Collector
Maria Martini
Bald Man
Directors of the Building and Loan
Guy 2 for Scene with Violet
Customers of Bailey Building and Loan
Mr./Mrs. Partridge
Marty Hatch
Bailey and Martini Children

Ice Cream Social
Come one, come all to the theatre Ice Cream Social this Thurs. Sept. 18th at 7pm. If you can bring anything or help set up please contact Mrs. Todd at tatanatodd@gmail.com

Any help would be appreciated. All theatre students are welcome. Come and see what is new this year at WSHS.

If you have any questions email me asap. Mrs. C
Cast List It's a Wonderful Life
Cast List – It’s a Wonderful Life
This was such a difficult show to cast. We had over 70 students audition. Remember that if you weren’t cast your time will come. There is always a way to work on a production. This show will need a lot of students offstage, please consider working tech.

Our first rehearsal is Tues. 3:30 – 5:30 in the auditorium. (You can wait with me while we have our Thespian meeting.)
You may be listed in more than one part but if you weren’t there are several parts still to cast, and I would like to put in several understudies.

George Bailey – Nick MacFarlane
Mrs. Bailey – Keira Todd
Pop Bailey – Ben Fluet
Uncle Billy – Patrick Hare
Cousin Tilly – Amber Elston
Cousin Eustace – Celeste Taica

Mary Hatch-Bailey – Victoria Nolan
Pete – TBD
Janie – TBD
Zuzu – TBD
Tommy – TBD

Clarence – Danny Waldman
Jo – Amber Armstrong
Frankie – Timbila Kabre

Annie – Liz Uecker
Harry Bailey – Trey Krause
Ruth Bailey – Anastaciya Wheeler
Sam Wainwright – Tre’ Terry
Jane Wainwright – Alexis Pierce
Marty Hatch – TBD
Mrs. Hatch – Grace Miller
Mr. Partridge – TBD (May be cast with a woman.)
Violet Brick – Autumn Read
Freddie – Alex Tyree
Mickey – Enrique Sidestam
Mr. Potter – Parker Uppercue
Mr. Potter’s Attendant – Alex Tyree
Rent Collector – TBD
Secretary – Sarah Breck
Bert – Brian Bennett
Ernie – Logan Venturino
Mr. Carter – Paul Jango
Mr. Gower – Christian Ellis
Mr. Martini – Brenden Sanfilippa
Martini Children – TBD
Flo – Vika Keating
Jake – Vivian Armando
Mr. Welch – Jayden Lips
Nick – Demarco Thomas
Bouncers – John Hurst
Watchman – TBD
Horace – TBD
Bald Man – TBD
Guys for scene with Violet – Enrique Sidestam, Guy 2 - TBD
Sheriff – John Hurst
Photographer – Sandra Rodriquez
Directors of Bailey Building and Loan – TBD
Dr. Campbell – Ivan Quiroga
Customers of Bailey Building and Loan – including:
Charlie – TBD
Edna – Jadion Jones
Tom – TBD
Randall – TBD
Mrs. Thompson – Helen Thompson
Miss Davis – Mikaela MacDonald
Young George – Tommy Richman
Young Harry – James Kirby
Young Sam – Daevon Watson
Young Mary – Emily Smith
Young Violet – Courtney Petco
Townspeople – Shiny Reese, Elizabeth Holmes, Aida Campos, Makenzie Wolf, Tori Allen, Dion Thompson, Kayla Perkins, Macy Daly, Jaylnn Evans, Lynsay Campbell

PS. I am sorry if I didn't spell your name correctly.

See you tomorrow Mrs. C
Call backs for It's a Wonderful Life
Call backs will take place Wed. from 4:30 to 6:30. I don't think it will take the whole time so stay flexible.
All the boys are called back. I will post the list of girls that are called back tomorrow morning outside the Studio Theatre. Remember that all a call back means is I need to see you again.

If you have any questions once the list is posted come see me in my office 1522.

Mrs. Caretti
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Character analysis 40 questions
character analysis 40 questions
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Word Scoring Sheet for Script analysis
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