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Drama Club/Thespians
Instructor: Ms. Caretti   
Group Announcements
Theatre Help needed this Thursday
I hope you all have had a great and relaxing summer. I need a few students to help me with the student orientation this Thurs. Aug. 21 from 7:30 to 11:30. I would love for some of you to perform and play theatre games with the new students. If you are interested send me a message. I am not sure where our table will be set up but they have said we will have some space.

See you there. Remember this counts as CFPA points. Mrs. C

    I hope you are all having a great summer. It is not to late for ask for a theatre buddy for the next school year.

 I will be handing out buddies, but not until tomorrow or Monday.  The internet in Canada keeps going in and out. If you already sent me an email great.  If not just respond asap.

See you all soon.  Mrs. C
Drama club celebration
 There will be a drama club gathering after school tomorrow.   (Tues.). Come and celebrate the end of the year. If you can bring something to share.   See you there.  Mrs . C
Everyone is welcome. 

50 Years of Theatre

     Attention all past and present theatre Students at Woodbridge Senior High School

When:  Sept. 12th and 13th       (Although performances will take place on the 13th)

What:  We are celebrating 50 years of Woodbridge with Reader’s Theatre Performances and Individual Monologues.  

*If you want to perform please sign up at the web address below to let us know you are attending. 

We will have a few dates in August for rehearsal.  Check this Website often for specific details.      Any questions contact me at caretttl@pwcs.edu

Sign up at “are you attending?”                     www.50yearsof wshs.com

Arts After Dark Rehearsal
All seniors participating in Arts After Dark.. don't forget the rehearsal tomorrow...  Mrs. C
Script Analysis worksheet
Many of you have been asking for a worksheet you can type into for script analysis... I am adding a link to all of my pages for a work template...  let me know if you can access it.  You can use this for your Juries and any class analysis.  Mrs. C
set build monday
Set build for tonight Monday March 31st is canceled.  It will take place tomorrow as scheduled.  See you there.  Terri
Cast Lists One Acts

The Directors would like to thank everyone who came out to audition for the 2014 Senior One Acts. The hours spent auditioning all of you made casting these shows very difficult and stressful for the directors, congratulations to all of the students cast. Please initial below to accept your role in the following productions. Check each of the cast lists since some students are in two. 

If you are interested in tech or an understudy position please see Mrs. Caretti. Once scripts have been approved we will begin scheduling first rehearsals. Please stay tuned for first rehearsal dates.


-Plot: Victoria Nolan

-Character: Alex Tyree

-Dialogue: Taylor Brehm

-Conflict: Alex Stark


-Clark: Austin Hurlbrink

-Elizabeth: Ally Wood

Understudies: Ivan Quiroqa, Sarah Breck

Justin Janke

-Zig Zag Woman: Mary Petracca

-Older Man: Alex Vance

-Middle Man: Steven Pustorino

-Younger Man: Christian Ellis

Jordan Frederick

-Myla: Victoria Nolan

-Rim: Alex Vance

Understudies: Ben Fluet, Amanda Rice


-Luke: Ben Fluet

-Luke’s Sub: Steven Pustorino

-Natalie: Christina Toval

-Natalie’s Sub: Gabby Reed


-Boy: Danny Waldman

-Girl: Helen Thompson

-Tandem: Brian Bennet


Fatima Dyfan

Adwoa Ankoma

Kim Fulco

Sandra Rodriguez

Understudies: Hope Bishop


-Harry: Trey Krause

-Edith: Marisa Rigot

Justin McIntyre

-Bill: Ivan Quiroqa

-Betty: Alexandra Stark

-Bell Ringer: Grace Miller


-Samuel: Logan Venturino

-Stacie: Tori Unterberger

Jordyn Jones

-Sydney: Timbila Kabre

-Phillip: Nick MacFarlane

-Waitress: Margaret

-Tony: Christian Ellis

Understudies: Margaret Swanson


-Meghan: Emma Seguin

-Jane: Madi Kinsler

-Brian: Nick MacFarlane

-Minors: Celeste Tiaca


-Mel: Trey Krause

-Tina: McKenzie Larrison

-Mitchel: Austin Hurlbrink

-Grim Reaper: Paul Jago

Understudies: Carlos Rivera, Brinna Wilson

Directing Auditions
Because of all the weather changes, we are moving our Senior One-Act Auditions to Wed. March 26th and Thurs. March 27th.   All students who have already signed up get first pick of times for the new dates.  Come and check out the new signup sheets outside room 1521.  If you have any questions please see Mrs. Caretti
Set Build Bye Bye Birdie
Set build for tonight 3/14 is cancelled.  Our next build is 8:30  to 2 Sat. 3-15.  See you there and wear clothes you can paint in... also if you have any hand tools please bring them.  See you there.
Next Drama Club meeting
Because of weather....  our next  Drama Club meeting is March 11th.....  see all of you there.
Musical Rehearsal Revised 3-5

Wed 3/5 230-500

Stage- Sunday Hymn  

Block- Act 1, Sc 8

Practice- One Boy/Telephone Hour (Teen Girls)

Thurs. 3/6 230-500

Stage-One Last Kiss                               Vocals- Sunday Hymn

Friday 3/7 230-500

Vocals- Sunday Hymn, One Last Kiss

Stage- Sunday Hymn, One Last kiss

Monday 3/10 230-500

Run Production Numbers- Living to Do, Happy Face Telephone Hour, Normal Boy, Honestly Sincere, Hymn, One Last Kiss

Run Solos/Duets- English Teacher, How Lovely, One Boy

Tuesday 3/11 230-500

Vocals- Run Show Vocally

Troubleshoot- Scenes/Songs

Wednesday 3/12 230-500

Run All Songs (Jury Day)

Run All Scene Work

Thursday 3/13 230-500

Run Act 1

Friday 3/14 230-500

Act 1 Tech. Preview

Attention all cast and crew members for Bye Bye Birdie and Theatre Boosters
There will be a combined Theatre Booster/Parent meeting Tues. Feb. 25th at 7:30 in the Upper Cafeteria.  All students and parents need to attend this important meeting....

If you can not be there please write a note and give it to one of the Stage Managers.

See you there.  Mrs. C
Rehearsal Schedule Bye Bye Birdie for Thurs. Feb. 20th.
Teens & Conrad- Staging
Honestly Sincere
Block Teens in boxes- Telephone Hour
Musical Cast List

Note from the Directors:  Thank you to all who auditioned.  You made our decisions very difficult.  If you were cast, congratulations.  If you were not, please remember that your time will come if you keep on trying.  If you would like to be put on a waitlist please let me know. 

We also have many tech positions available.

Our first rehearsal will be announced soon.

Bye Bye Birdie Cast List


Albert Peterson:  Austin Hurlbrink  

Rosie Alvarez:  Tori Unterberger                   Understudy: Fatima Dyfan

Conrad Birdie:  Aidan Houston                     Understudy: David Ramirez

Kim MacAfee:  Emma Seguin                        Understudy: Jules Gonzalez

Mr. MacAfee:  Danny Waldman

Mrs. MacAfee:  Jordan Frederick                   Understudy: Emily Gulli 


Ursula Merkle:  Cleo Mimano                         Understudy: Casey Wallace

Hugo Peabody:  Trey Krause                           Understudy: Justin McIntyre

Harvey Johnson:  Brian Bennett   

Karl (Dance Captain):  Eric Polite 

Alice:  Christina Toval

Nancy:  Alexandra Pogue

Helen:  Megan Richardson

Margie:  Aida Campos

Penelope:  Ariel Friendly

Debra  Sue:  Anastaciya Wheeler

Suzie:  Mikayla MacDonald

Soloist/One Girl:  Isabel Madden

Freddie:  Luis Herrera

Teen Ensemble:  Jules Gonzalez (Dance Captain), Fatima Dyfan, David Ramirez, Casey Wallace, Justin McIntyre, Liz Hund, Victoria Nolan, Amber Armstrong, Roana Behbahani, Helen Thompson, Luis Herrera, Steven Pustorino, Nick MacFarlane, Ryan D’Emidio


Mae Peterson:  Zoe Sellers                              Understudy:  Marisa Rigot

Mrs. Merkle:  Ashley Parks

Mayor/Ed Sullivan:  Clifton McGann

Mayor’s Wife:  Grace Miller

Adult Roles:   Steven Pustorino, Nick MacFarlane, Anthony Powell, Mitchell From, Damani Harris, Caitlyn Bishop

Adult Chorus:   Kimberly Fulco, Amanda Ervin,  Elizabeth Holmes, Sarah Ervin,  Halal Ghirmay, Julianne Gulli,  Allie Wood, Amanda Rice, Tara Malaka, Jordyn Jones, Amber Elston

Student Production Staff

Student Directors:   Jordan Frederick, Casey Wallace 

Student Choreographer:  Victoria Unterberger

Student Vocal Director: 

TD/Sound:  Tori Lockamy

Student Lighting Designer:  Justin Janke

Student Set Designer:  Amber Armstrong

Student Costume Designer:  Brittany Crow

Hair:  Zoe Sellers

Student Prop Master: TBD

Stage Manger/s:  Ben Fluet/Lndsey Kalland

We can’t wait to get started, and we are being “Honestly, Sincere!”   - The Directors.

Rehearsal for Twelfth Night
 I hope you have have a good break.  There will be a full cast rehearsal for Twelfth Night Wed. after school from 2:15 - 5:30.  I know some of you will be busy with the children's show, but I will have contracts and will be setting the rehearsal schedule for next week.  I will also be blocking on stage.  See you there.  Mrs. C
Specialty Program information
If you are interested in applying for the arts programs at Woodbridge I have put up a group link to help.  Remember for theatre you will need two monologues approximately a minute in length. 

The link is listed as CFPA Specialty application.

If you have any questions just email me.  Mrs. C
Opening night
Don't miss the One Act Festival... we will be selling some tickets at the door... 

First Drama Club meeting.
Yeah.... it's time to start having fun.  The first Drama Club meeting will take place Oct. 1st in the Studio Theatre form 2:15 to 3:15... come and check it out.
Welcome back to a brand new school year and Theatrical season.
Our very first auditions will take place next Mon. and Tues.  Sept. 16th and 17th from 2:15 to 6:15. 
Cold readings from the script.

A sign up sheet is posted outside room 1521.  Sign up early.

Hope to see all of you there.

Mrs. C
Discussion Topics
Group Files
Character analysis 40 questions
character analysis 40 questions
 Word Template Scoring Script Analysis.dotx
Word Scoring Sheet for Script analysis
Group Contacts
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